My Music

My work explores what the priorities of human existence could or should be, of not accepting what tradition has imposed without critical assessment for one's self, of existential love, the limits of Epicureanism, and the ecstasy and brevity of art. I employ fifty cent words, complex lyrical structures, sometimes hyperbole. I invert clich├ęs, and invent new ones.

I have written a catchy and satirical piece which opens with imagery from a Sergio Leone western, where "the man with no name" materializes out of the desert. This character ends up being Death incarnate, rapping about the end times. It is called "Apocalypse" and it is my tongue-in-cheek jab at humanity for being so obsessed with all things eschatological. Some of the rap is as follows:

Yes now it's on by his decree,
Your earthly kings all fall to me
Where's your name in the Book of Life?
It's by the ones who wouldn't sacrifice,
Envy, Greed, or selfish Pride,
So enjoy your fate, eternal strife
And your vice over paradise
Don't look now, you're taciturn
Yeah, you rest assured your flesh will burn
And you know you must be right
It's a well-found gleam in your glutton eyes
As I'm here to reap what's ripe
There's no relief in sight
Man's works you idolize

Lightening, hail, the whole earth will shake
Certain fate you can't escape
It's the end of the human race
Apocalypse has come